About us

Our mission is to change how businesses share ideas, tell stories, and inspire others to act.

Your world

Today we often need more than a slide show when we pitch, share proposals or report to clients. Videos, images, documents all play a part and teams rely on them to get their ideas across and their jobs done. 

However, the way we share files hasn’t changed for years. We stuff them into folders or cram what we can into emails then chase for a follow up when we fail to get a response.

We pour our hearts and souls into our work… we deserve a way to show it off.

Our founders

Working in Marketing and Product for the last 20 years Darryll and Simon got frustrated with solutions available so decided to build a product fit for the ideas it would share. 

They focused on creativity, simplicity and branding and ensured story telling sat at the heart of the product.


gruup supports teams of all sizes and is used across the globe and we’re dedicated to giving each and every user the best experience possible.

Office location

Our small but dedicated team are based in Witan Studio, Milton Keynes, UK and work hard to bring you the best in file sharing platforms.