Creating Presentations with gruup

How to create and share presentations

Sharing our ideas can be the key to their success. Too often the important work our teams produce gets buried with everything else, or lost in transit. We ruin the experience with Slack, WeTransfer or even worse - email and fail to deliver the impact our efforts deserve… why!

With gruup Presentations all your ideas can sit side by side and work as one. No more blindly sending emails with attachments and links. Create stunning online presentations where creativity and insights stimulate ideas and actions.

Using the Presentation Builder

This is the starting point for all presentations. Your blank canvas on which to build that masterpiece.

Adding content

Adding anything to a gruup presentation is easy. You can load in content from a Hub, create a button to link out or more copy or images.

Build the story

Begin to build out your presentation and add the rich media which will bring it too life.

Personalise for each audience

Edit the background by selecting the pencil icon. Here you can set the presentation sizing, add images from a Hub, device or the Unsplash image library and apply a parallax effect if required.