Collaboration with gruup

Our top tips for creating and sharing your ideas

Welcome to our guide with some tips to get you started with gruup. Most things are pretty easy to pick up (we designed it that way) and so this shouldn’t take long.  

Content Tiles

These are the individual content items that you want to load into gruup. To add a Tile simply select the “add content” button and choose what to add, upload and rename if you wish. Tiles can be any digital item and once loaded they can be viewed and interacted with by anyone you invite to the Hub.

Working with Hubs

These are areas where you can load your favourite digital assets and build awesome work streams. Hubs, like My Hub, are great to be used on their own but are even better when shared. Try creating a shared Hub (start with a Team one) and invite some colleagues to the party.

Using Hub Sections

Within a Hub you can create sub sections. These are great for organising a project. Creative, Media, Ideas or anything else you like can help bring order and allow others to better understand the project.

Working with your Team

Once the Hub is loaded and ready to be shared bring others in and allow them to add their own ideas and content. To invite someone simply get your Team admin to send them an email to create an account. Once they have joined, they will have access to the Hub and contents and start to engage with the project.

Making conversation

If you have something to say about the Hub or a specific Tile then add a comment. Either click the chat icon on a Tile to link the comment directly to an individual item or enter a general thought in the comment box. Everyone will see and be able to respond.