Super Teams – what makes them great

June 23, 2022

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AC-12, Nike Air & Jordan, the British SAS, Barcelona FC and Ant & Dec. All very different in their fields, but what is it that unifies them? Ok, the clue is in the title; they have all claimed their place in history as some of the greatest teams of all time. Sharing that certain je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from “the rest”.

Don’t be “the rest”. Aim for greatness. Make your team SUPER!

There is a formula to creating that efficacious team that performs and delivers time after time, and more often than not it starts with good leadership. A strong team will be led by someone they trust and respect, who offers encouragement and motivation, is open to feedback and criticism and is instrumental in making the team vision clear, as well as the vision for the organisation as a whole.

Once your captain has been appointed you can start to look within the team itself, ensuring everyone has a defined role and clear goals to work towards. Setting a clear sense of purpose and measurable objectives, for the group collectively, but also for each individual member, is integral in moulding the super-team-mix.

Job titles and objectives aside, looking deeper into the people that are to construct this powerhouse, aim for variety and diversity in age, gender, personality and culture, strengths, skillsets, knowledge and experience. Utilise each unique quality and channel it correctly to boost idea creativity, deliver results and drive success.

Could this melange of members bring chaos into the workplace? No! Do not allow it. Or anything else for that matter. Be organised. Everyone needs to be responsible for their own workload juggling, but management needs to oversee this and lead by example, ensuring everyone is on the same page and everything is running smoothly. After all, the only difference between a mob and an army is organisation! Command your army with concise, comprehensive clarity.

Even the most formidable of armies have downtime, so find the time to have fun. All work and no play can lead to burnout, lack of moral and, in turn, lack of productivity. We spend a huge chunk of our waking hours at work so it’s crucial to find moments of enjoyment and get to know our colleagues on a level beyond the working walls. Arrange extracurricular days out to actively encourage time spent together socialising, digging beneath the surface of “Susan in accounts” and forming friendships with one another. When you like a person you have a vested interest in their wellbeing, therefore you’re likely to care more and work harder alongside them. No one likes letting a mate down after all!

The other upside of liking who you work with is you talk more. When shaping the most stupendous of dream teams, communication is undoubtedly the most important and intrinsic attribute. If communication levels are poor, wires are crossed, conflict is probable, performance will most definitely be compromised and POOF! The super team dream evaporates. Whereas a team that thrives and flourishes will most certainly have open and honest discussions, share thoughts, ideas and opinions, and feel that sense of camaraderie that is essential in obtaining your place in A-Team Super League.

When a problem begins to rear its ugly head within workgroups it can often be traced back to issues with communication. This is why so many modern businesses put emphasis on using a new generation of communication and collaboration tools that enable and empower the team turn of mind.

Slack - hmm… Dropbox - erm… PowerPoint - yaaawnn… and email – OH PLEASE! Yes, of course they all have their place and will continue to be prevalent and useful in many an office task. But when it comes to finding the apparatus that exist specifically to align your people and enhance workflow, there are some very intelligent, slick, effective, not to mention aesthetically pleasing, options out there. So in a world where possibilities are practically limitless, don’t limit yourself with archaic apps and primitive platforms. Break free of these chains, find the tools that work for you, harness the power of leadership, organisation, fun and communication and watch your team fly in to the stratosphere and beyond.

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